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We all face challenges throughout our lives and they unfortunately sometimes leave us more broken than strong.

Oni Rose was determined not to remain broken after the death of her mother and instead discovered even more of her talent and started her path as a budding artiste after her loss. This proud Caribbean young woman boast of her Barbadian, Guyanese and Surinamese links and told Loop News how her journey into the world of music began:

 “The dream has always been with me from childhood up until now. Life happens and sometimes you grow up and your dreams are placed in the back; you want to pursue other things. So I wanted to travel and I travelled a lot and then my mom became ill and she passed one year later while I was travelling and I was tortured because I really wanted to be there; I wished I had been there instead of out. I was really sad because of that and a therapist suggested that I just write how I feel and get it out in my diary.”

She explained how that simple step of writing her feelings down led her to work with artiste and producers all around the world:

“So I started writing lyrics and I came up with this song for my mom, then I really wanted to honour her with this tribute and I got into the studio and then all the dreams and the fantasies came surging back. So I produced that song for her and it was good, but the producers told me that I had something and suggested I tried other genres. And it was nice being told that I had something, being it was my dream. So I started recoding other songs and after the third song I recorded my first song that was a little bit raunchy her in Barbados called Naked and then Bad Boy, so that’s how it got started.”



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