Fusing feel-good melodies to catchy hooks, Onirose is a blossoming singer-songwriter. Her style is bold, daring and impossible to ignore, blurring the line between upbeat tropical vibes and pop-perfect hits. She truly is the captain of her own ship, being the creative visionary, both writing and directing every aspect of her music. She is not afraid to push boundaries and dares to bring music to the ears of listeners that’s both timeless, fresh and oozing with originality.

A multi-lingual-artist, Onirose has absorbed the culture of Guyana in her younger years before migrating to Germany and Barbados and these influences have shaped her truly authentic songwriting and singing style, culminating in her most recent hit “Pon De Ting.” Her songs combine the ability to tell a real story whilst still keeping it fun, entertaining and addictive to listen to. Her songs serve as the perfect soundtrack for a booming club or a wholesome day at the beach. She notes artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, and Anita Baker, as her biggest influences.

Onirose first made her mark back in 2015 with her debut single “I’ve Had Enough”. Throughout her rapidly growing music career she’s performed all over the world, from Germany and Denmark, all the way to Italy, Sweden, Portugal and the Caribbean Islands. She’s since released a string of singles which have positioned her as a serious creative force. She’s currently working with award-winning producers to further develop her distinctive genre-bending sound; here’s one artist with a fiercely unstoppable work ethic.